APGS Membership is available under the following categories on payment of an annual membership fee:

  • Glaucoma Member – any ophthalmologist in active practice who has completed a Glaucoma Fellowship and/or whose work consists of at least 50% glaucoma
  • Ophthalmic Member – any doctor working as an ophthalmologist in the country of residence of that doctor
  • Trainee Member – any medical practitioner participating in an ophthalmic vocational training program
  • Medical Member – any medical practitioner with an interest in glaucoma
  • Research Member – any person who is a vision scientist

  • Associate Member – any person who is an eye care worker who is not a medical practitioner
  • Corporate Member – any incorporated association wishing to support the objects of the Society
  • Honoured Member – any person nominated and elected as such by the Board for his/her contribution to the Society and/or to the preservation of vision in the region represented by the various Members
  • Trial Member – any person wishing to trial membership


Membership Category Annual Membership Fee

Glaucoma Member         AUD$60
Ophthalmic Member     AUD$50
Trainee Member              AUD$40
Medical Member             AUD$20
Research Member          AUD$20
Associate Member         AUD$20
Corporate Member       AUD$250